wow i’m a teenager trying to figure out this horrifying dystopian world with minimal resources and constant terror while frequently fighting just to stay alive you know what i really have time for

a love triangle

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My level of sarcasm’s gotten to a point where I don’t even know if I’m kidding or not.

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"If you find someone who makes you smile,
Who checks up on you to see if you’re okay,
Who watches out for you and wants the very best for you,
Don’t let them go.
Keep them close and don’t take them for granted.
People like them are hard to find."

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It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s the sound I heard when I was 9 and my father slammed the front door so hard behind him I swear to god it shook the whole house. For the next 3 years I watched my mother break her teeth on vodka bottles. I think she stopped breathing when he left. I think part of her died. I think he took her heart with him when he walked out. Her chest is empty, just a shattered mess or cracked ribs and depression pills.

It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s all the blood in the sink. It’s the night that I spent 12 hours in the emergency room waiting to see if my sister was going to be okay, after the boy she loved, told her he didn’t love her anymore. It’s the crying, and the fluorescent lights, and white sneakers and pale faces and shaky breaths and blood. So much blood.

It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s the time that I had to stay up for two days straight with my best friend while she cried and shrieked and threw up on my bedroom floor because her boyfriend fucked his ex. I swear to god she still has tear streaks stained onto her cheeks. I think when you love someone, it never really goes away.

It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s the six weeks we had a substitute in English because our teacher was getting divorced and couldn’t handle getting out of bed. When she came back was smiling. But her hands shook so hard when she held her coffee, you could see that something was broken inside. And sometimes when things break, you can’t fix them. Nothing ever goes back to how it was. I got an A in English that year. I think her head was always spinning too hard to read any essays.

It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s that I do.


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When I say “please don’t take a picture of me” it’s not because I’m being bitchy and stubborn, it’s because if I see that picture I will seriously feel so bad about myself and think I am the ugliest thing on earth and sink a little deeper into self consciousness and hatred.

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  • 1:Kitchen Counter, Couch, or on top of the dryer?
  • 2:Your last sexual encounter: Good or Bad and why:
  • 3:A fictional person that you think would be good in bed:
  • 4:Something that never fails to make you horny:
  • 5:Where is one place you would never have sex:
  • 6:The most awkward moment during a sexual experience was when ______________
  • 7:Weirdest thing that ever made you horny:
  • 8:What is the best way to sexually bind someone: Handcuffs, Rope, or Other [if other please explain]:
  • 9:What is the fastest way to make you horny:
  • 10:Top or bottom?
  • 11:We were about to ____________ but then ______________ [example: we were about to have sex but then his mom walked in]
  • 12:Is one orgasm enough? Are multiple orgasms necessary?
  • 13:Something that you have hidden in your room that you don’t want anyone to find:
  • 14:Weirdest nickname a significant other has ever called you:
  • 15:Two things you like [or dislike] about oral sex:
  • 16:Weirdest sexual act some has performed [or tried to perform] on/with you:
  • 17:Have you ever tasted yourself? [If no, would you?] [If yes, what did you think?]
  • 18:Is it ever okay to not use a condom:
  • 19:Who was the sexiest teacher you ever had?
  • 20:A food that you would like to use during a sexual experience:
  • 21:How big is too big:
  • 22:One sexual thing you would never do:
  • 23:Biggest turn on:
  • 24:Three spots that drive you insane:
  • 25:Worst possible time to get horny:
  • 26:Do you like it when your sexual partner moans:
  • 27:Worst sexual idea you ever had:
  • 28:How much fapping is too much fapping:
  • 29:Best sexual complement you ever got:
  • 30:Bald, landing strip, Jumanji:
  • 31:Is it good sex if you don’t nut:
  • 32:Fill in the blank: "If they ____________, we are fuckin"
  • 33:What your favorite part of your body:
  • 34:Favorite foreplay activities:
  • 35:Love (>,<, or =) Sex For those of us who don’t remember our math thats “greater than, less than, or equal to]
  • 36:What do you wear to bed?
  • 37:When was the first time you masturbated:
  • 38:Do you have any nude/masturbating pictures/video of yourself?
  • 39:Have you ever/when was the last time you had sex outside?
  • 40:Have/would you ever have sex outside?
  • 41:Have/would you ever had a threesome?
  • 42:What is one random object you’ve used to masturbate?
  • 43:Have/would you ever masturbate at work/school?
  • 44:Have/would you ever have sex on a plane?
  • 45:What is one song you’d like to have sex to?
  • 46:What is something nonsexual that makes you horny?
  • 47:Most attractive celebrity?
  • 48:Do you watch gay/lesbian porn? why/why not?
  • 49:If a child was born on the occasion of the last time you had sex, how old would that child be right now?
  • 50:Has anyone ever posted nude pictures of you online?
  • 51:What is one thing that NEVER makes you horny?
  • 52:Do you have stretch marks? (How do you feel about them? Has anyone ever had a problem with them?)
  • 53:Do you like giving head? (why/why not)
  • 54:How do you feel about tattoos on someone you are interested in?
  • 55:How would you feel about taking someones virginity?
  • 56:Is there any food you would NOT recommend using during a sexual encounter?
  • 57:Is there anything you do on Tumblr that you would not like your significant other to see?
  • 58:Do you own any sex toys? (what is it? (how long have you had it?)
  • 59:Would you give your significant other unrestricted access to your Tumblr for a day?
  • 60:Would you be offended if your significant other suggested you get plastic surgery?
  • 61:Would you rather be a pornstar or a prostitute?
  • 62:Do you watch porn?
  • 63:How small is too small?
  • 64:Have you ever been called a freak? Why?
  • 65:Who gave you your last kiss? Did it mean anything?
  • 66:Would you switch phones with your significant other for a day?
  • 67:Do you feel comfortable going "commando"?
  • 68:Would you have a problem with going down on someone if they hadn't shaved their pubic hair?
  • 69:If you could give yourself head, would you?
  • 70:Booty or Boobs?
  • 71:If you had a penis/vagina, what would you name it?
  • 72:Have you ever been on an official date?
  • 73:Have you ever cheated on someone? (Why?)
  • 74:If you were a stripper, what would your name be?
  • 75:Have you ever had sex in your parents bed? (Would you?)
  • 76:How would you react if you found out your parents had sex in your bed?
  • 77:What was your reaction the first time you saw a penis/vagina
  • 78:If you had a penis/vagina for a day, what are five things you would do?

There’s like a million different ways to say “I love you.”

'Put your seat belt on.'
‘Watch your step.’
‘Get some rest.’

…you just gotta listen.


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When I have kids, the rule is going to be, ‘you can be whatever you want to be; a doctor, an artist, a stay-at-home-mom, a stripper, a monk. You can be gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, straight and everything in between. You can be a UU, Christian, Hindu, Ba’hai, Atheist, Questioning, whatever. You can be any gender you want, just tell me, and I will support you. But the minute I hear about you bullying someone, we’re going to have a serious problem.’

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